Using Mobile to Engage with Hotel Guests Before Their Arrival

Pinnacle Hotels USA pic
Pinnacle Hotels USA

An experienced hotelier and investor, Bharat Lall serves as president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, which he founded in the 1990s. Bharat Lall manages a number of different hospitality properties and keeps a finger on the pulse of industry trends to keep these hotels performing efficiently. Today, customers expect significant engagement with their hotels more than ever before and different mobile technologies have facilitated this connection.

Many hotels continue to miss out on mobile engagement opportunities. One of the key times to engage with customers is after booking and before arrival, which is usually filled with only a reminder email. By using mobile technologies, hotels can reach out to guests to offer value-added services.

Most importantly, hotels need to frame communication exchanges in a way that does not look like spam. Providing valuable information about weather and local attractions is one way to keep customers engaged. If any of the attractions seem alluring, guests should have the ability to reserve seats directly through the hotel on their smartphones.

With the use of a mobile app, guests can get notifications of potential room upgrades and learn about other available add-ons. Plus, these apps help streamline the check-in process so that staff members are free to attend to other business needs.


Internet of Things Hotel Rooms Expected to Debut Soon

Pinnacle Hotels USA pic
Pinnacle Hotels USA

San Diego entrepreneur Bharat Lall leverages more than two dozen years of experience in the hospitality investment sphere to guide Pinnacle Hotels USA as president and CEO. With Pinnacle Hotels, Bharat Lall oversees properties associated with brands such as Hyatt Regency and Marriott and stays current on the latest industry trends.

Positioned at the forefront of the technology sphere, Marriott recently tested a prototype Internet of Things (IoT) room in tandem with Legrand SA and Samsung. Within a hotel context, IoT employs coordinated technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa and Nest temperature controls in providing an adaptive environment tailored to guest preferences.

Among the technologies incorporated in Marriott’s IoT room are digital wall art that can be switched to people’s preferred images, such as family photos, and showers that remember the temperature of water used previously. In addition, the mirrors offer embedded on-demand videos with a high degree of content personalization. Early adopters of the soft-launch IoT room in 2018 are expected to be W hotels and Vanderslice, with Hilton in the process of debuting its own “teched-out” hotel rooms.

AVID Students More Likely to Complete College

AVID pic

Bharat Lall is the president and chief executive officer of Pinnacle Hotels USA, a hospitality company that serves as an umbrella for major hotel chains such as Hilton and La Quinta. Away from work, Bharat Lall actively supports a number of education-based efforts in the San Diego area, including Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a program that helps students prepare for college.

In December of 2017, AVID released data that reveals the program is having a significant impact in helping minority students prepare for their college education. The survey shows that students from Latino and African-American backgrounds who go through the AVID program are nearly 10 percent more likely to complete a bachelor’s program within six years than those who don’t. The data is similar for American-Indian and Pacific-Islander students who participate in the program.

SDPL Rolls out New Fourth Grade Literacy Program

Literacy Program pic
Literacy Program

A veteran of the hospitality industry, Bharat Lall serves as the CEO and president of Pinnacle Hotels USA, a San Diego-based company that purchases and renovates distressed hotels in prime locations. Bharat Lall is also a longtime supporter of the San Diego Public Library (SDPL).

In October of 2017, SDPL rolled out a new reading initiative in the Logan Heights area to help kids get up to speed before they start the fourth grade. The new program, “READY for 4th!,” is a joint effort between SDPL and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, the San Diego Housing Commission, and the San Diego Unified School District.

Studies show that children must overcome increasing hurdles if they aren’t reading at the appropriate grade level before they enter fourth grade. SDPL Director Misty Jones says the READY for 4th! program is a commitment from the library to make sure children in the Logan Heights area get access to the literacy help they need.

San Diego’s Balboa Park Combines Beauty and Entertainment

Balboa Park pic
Balboa Park

Dr. Bharat Lall, president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, Inc., oversees operations at a network of nine vacation properties. He founded the company in the 1990s, and has focused over the years on acquiring underperforming mid-range hotels and renovating them into amenity-rich but affordable destinations. In the San Diego area, Bharat Lall, MD, and Pinnacle offer the Four Points Downtown San Diego, the Radisson Hotel San Diego-Rancho Bernardo, Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Solana Beach, and three other properties.

San Diego can provide tourists with a wide range of fascinating things to see and do. Balboa Park is among the region’s most beautiful and historically intriguing sites, popular with both locals and tourists.

Balboa Park blends rich cultural experiences with the beauty of the natural world. The park is the home of 17 museums, including those devoted to classic artworks, local history, and transportation. Shakespearean performances, concerts, and dance events regularly take place on its stages.

The park’s tranquil expanses of lush gardens offer quiet places to stroll, reflect, or get close to water lilies, orchids, and roses. The gardens are particularly popular with picnickers, and hiking trails and dog parks help visitors and their pets enjoy their exercise.

Originally called City Park, at the time San Diego hosted the 1915 Panama-San Diego Exposition the park was renamed in honor of the Spanish explorer. In the 1970s, it earned National Historic Landmark status.

The Local Author Program at the San Diego Library

Local Author Program pic
Local Author Program

Based in San Diego, California, Bharat Lall serves Pinnacle Hotels USA as president and chief executive officer. Outside of work, Bharat Lall donates to organizations including the San Diego Public Library.

Donations to the San Diego Public Library go toward sponsoring and hosting programs and events that benefit the community. To highlight the accomplishments of writers in the area, the library sponsors the Local Author Program, which holds the Local Author Showcase each year.

This year, authors in San Diego County began submitting their published books in September. Selected books will be exhibited in the San Diego Central Library lobby in February 2018. For the rest of the year, the showcase will be accessible online. Only books published in 2017 can be submitted; they will be available to the public for checkout in 2018.

The showcase also features Little Local Authors, for outstanding writers under 11 years old, and Teen Local Authors, for writers between 12 and 18 years old.

San Diego Indian American Society Hosts Festival of Lights

San Diego Indian American Societypic
San Diego Indian American Society

A longtime presence in the West Coast hotel business, Pinnacle Hotels USA founder Bharat Lall oversees properties such as Marriott Riverside and the Hyatt Regency North Dallas. Active in his community, Bharat Lall is a lifetime member of the San Diego Indian American Society, an organization that provides annual college scholarships to high school students.

Each October over the past decade, the nonprofit has also been active in sponsoring the Festival of Lights in Balboa Park, California. Initially envisioned as a modest celebration, the annual event now attracts thousands of participants in Diwali celebrations that traditionally involve the lighting of lamps and setting off of fireworks.

In Hindu culture, the lights represent the victory of reason and virtue over negative forces, represented by the night. A symbol of Agni (fire) and Surya (the sun), the lamp celebrates the eternal life force, which carries individual prayers to God. This also takes form in Indian philosophy in the concept of the soul as a “self-lighted torch,” and the flames have an association with one’s “supreme self.”