About Bharat Lall

At present, Bharat Lall, M.D., acts as President and Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels USA, which maintains headquarters in San Diego. Although the company has concentrated primarily on selling properties since 2006, it currently maintains nine hotels in various locations in California, Ohio, and Texas. Dr. Bharat Lall and his colleagues uphold a commitment to providing first-rate service at every level of operations, and they have acquired and turned around dozens of properties over the years.

Bharat Lall, M.D., first embarked on a career as a business owner in the late 1980s. A successful physician practicing family medicine at Chula Vista, California’s Kaiser Hospital, he realized he wanted to do something different with his life. After securing a loan to purchase the $450,000 Holiday Motel, located in Coronado near a U.S. Navy base, he hired landscapers and painters to refurbish the property and then moved in to begin running it. During this time, he continued seeing patients during the day, sometimes quickly using midafternoon breaks to drive to the motel to do some cleaning and laundry.

Continuing this impressive work ethic, Dr. Bharat Lall formed a hotel firm with two friends in 1993. None of them had real experience in management or development, but together they began buying distressed properties across the western United States, many of which were facing foreclosure. By reenvisioning the potential of these hotels and taking a proactive approach to image and to customer service, he and his partners proved successful in their endeavors. Since that time, Bharat Lall, M.D., has grown Pinnacle Hotels into a firm with more than 400 employees and a yearly revenue of $40 million.

A socially conscious person, Dr. Bharat Lall has shared this success with others by contributing financially to organizations such as San Diego State University, the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Trust Fund, and San Diego Public Library. He lives in La Jolla, California.


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