ISKCON Offers Online Marriage Counseling Courses


Based in San Diego, Bharat Lall serves as president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA. When he isn’t working, Bharat Lall supports numerous causes, including the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), formerly known as Hare Krishna.

In response to the growing divorce rate in many countries, ISKCON recently rolled out an original digital platform that offers premarriage counseling services based on the philosophy of Srila Prabhupada. The new program, titled “Getting Ready for Married Life,” begins by offering two different learning tracks, one for each gender, to help couples adequately prepare for the challenges that come with marriage.

Throughout the classes, individuals are given the tools to examine their reasons for wanting to marry and Srila Prabhupada’s teachings on how to build successful and lasting marriages. The program also offers courses designed to help couples who are already married improve their relationships and bring more harmony into their lives.


Kiva Partners Affected by Ebola

A graduate of the University of Glasgow, Bharat Lall earned his MD and then spent many years as a practicing physician. Later, Dr. Bharat Lall turned to business and founded a hospitality corporation in San Diego known as Pinnacle Hotels USA. Alongside his career, he donates through Kiva.

As a nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for underserved members of communities across the globe, Kiva works with microfinance institutions to supply loans to those without access to regular banking systems. The organization relies on funds from donors, and 100 percent of these funds go to the borrowers, who can use the money to launch their own businesses and then pay back the loans.

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa, however, has affected several partners. Many lenders have responded generously, asking if they can simply forgive the loans. Kiva’s response has included a decision to extend a four-month grace period across the region. The organization believes in allowing borrowers to pay back their loans if possible.

For more information about Kiva and its efforts, visit The organization’s blog, which can be accessed through the main site, includes further details, as well as links to organizations countering the Ebola outbreak.