Internet of Things Hotel Rooms Expected to Debut Soon

Pinnacle Hotels USA pic

Pinnacle Hotels USA

San Diego entrepreneur Bharat Lall leverages more than two dozen years of experience in the hospitality investment sphere to guide Pinnacle Hotels USA as president and CEO. With Pinnacle Hotels, Bharat Lall oversees properties associated with brands such as Hyatt Regency and Marriott and stays current on the latest industry trends.

Positioned at the forefront of the technology sphere, Marriott recently tested a prototype Internet of Things (IoT) room in tandem with Legrand SA and Samsung. Within a hotel context, IoT employs coordinated technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa and Nest temperature controls in providing an adaptive environment tailored to guest preferences.

Among the technologies incorporated in Marriott’s IoT room are digital wall art that can be switched to people’s preferred images, such as family photos, and showers that remember the temperature of water used previously. In addition, the mirrors offer embedded on-demand videos with a high degree of content personalization. Early adopters of the soft-launch IoT room in 2018 are expected to be W hotels and Vanderslice, with Hilton in the process of debuting its own “teched-out” hotel rooms.


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