The Objectives of the San Diego Indian American Society


San Diego Indian American Society (SDIAS)

A veteran entrepreneur, Bharat Lall, MD, founded Pinnacle Hotels USA, which invests in underperforming hotels and develops them into profitable operations, in 1998. Beyond his work as the president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels, Dr. Bharat Lall is a member of the San Diego Indian American Society (SDIAS). Since its formation in 1984, the SDIAS has focused on achieving four core objectives.

1. The creation and implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship, which benefits high school graduates throughout San Diego in addition to recognizing Mahatma Gandhi’s contributions and influence throughout the world.

2. The recognition of all individuals in India and the United States who conduct themselves in a meritorious fashion, particularly in regard to improving relationships and understanding between the two nations.

3. The undertaking of projects that serve the populations of San Diego and India.

4. To foster and further the relationship between India and the United States, most notably through its Unity in Diversity cultural programs, which see the SDIAS arrange special events with a focus on Indian cultures and art.


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