Kiva Internship Program Invites Participates to Help Combat Poverty

Kiva Internship Program pic

Kiva Internship Program

Bharat Lall possesses more than two decades of experience in the hospitality industry and leads Pinnacle Hotels USA in managing hotel properties in Texas, Ohio, and California. Beyond his obligations to the firm, Bharat Lall supports the international nonprofit microloan company Kiva. Kiva fosters the lending of mircoloans to alleviate poverty and encourages donors to change lives through its Kiva Internship Program.

The program highlights Kiva’s dedication to social impact and creating new opportunities for local and international communities. Over the course of the six month internship, interns will engage in hands-on learning experiences across a range of business units and contribute to meaningful projects. Interns work in teams organized according to their skills, strengths, and career goals, with possible teams ranging from program and product management to microfinance partnerships and community support.

Internships are part-time volunteer positions and require participants to work in a fast-paced environment. Furthermore, applicants must commit to the full six months and adhere to a time commitment of volunteering at least three days each week. College students considering the program must ensure they can balance their course load with the three-days-a-week volunteer schedule.


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