Travelers Combine Business and Leisure in New Hospitality Trend

Pinnacle Hotels pic

Pinnacle Hotels

Bharat Lall, MD, serves as President and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, based in San Diego, California. Dr. Bharat Lall has been actively involved in the hospitality industry since the early 1990s.

Many prominent businesspeople are growing weary of whirlwind traveling. For many years, it was common to fly out, give a speech or attend a conference, and fly home all in one day or weekend. Today, it is becoming increasingly common for business travelers to combine their own personal vacation days with planned business travel, a practice dubbed “bleisure.”

This business-leisure hybrid is shaking things up in the hospitality industry. “Bleisure” travelers are the same high-powered executives that hotels like to retain, but now they are spending even more money when they visit. One- or two-night stays have become five-day or weeklong trips, and travelers are bringing their spouses along too. As this trend develops, the hospitality industry will work even harder to attract this profitable demographic.


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