Hospitality Industry Challenges in the Communication Sector

Pinnacle Hotels pic

Pinnacle Hotels

Bharat Lall earned his MD from the University of Glasgow. Dr. Bharat Lall transitioned to the hospitality sector and serves as president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA.

Any hotel that is intent on providing excellent guest service must learn about its guests, including their behavior and preferences. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are put in place to collect guest information and are circulated to other technology silos all while the guest is checked in. The ensuing challenge involves finding out whether the data collected can be applied to improving satisfaction.

Social media has also presented itself as a challenge for the communication departments of players in the hospitality industry. While it has become a viable mode of expedited communication and source of prospective clients, it is also a potential source of reputation issues, as criticisms posted online will forever exist in the digital world. Due to this threat, social media monitoring has become an essential activity.

While the hospitality industry has always been expected to constantly deal with customers with different demands, a generational shift has given a new dimension to this challenge. Those born after 1980 have a great affinity with instant communication. Due to this, some hotels try to innovate their services and find ways to increase modalities of service delivery, with concentration on IT hospitality.


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