AVID to Hold 12 Summer Institutes in 2016

AVID pic

Image: avid.org

A trained physician, Bharat Lall, MD, worked in medicine for a number of years before founding Pinnacle Hotels USA in 1998. Outside of his work in the hospitality industry, Dr. Bharat Lall contributes to Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a nonprofit group that helps students prepare for college and other opportunities after high school.

Each summer, AVID oversees its annual Summer Institutes, a professional development program that provides training to thousands of teachers every year. In 2016, Avid will hold Summer Institutes in 10 cities across the United States, including San Diego, Denver, Philadelphia, and Orlando.

Registration will soon open for the upcoming 2016 Summer Institutes season, which will kick off in Honolulu on June 6. AVID will then move the three-day seminars to the continental United States, where 11 more will be held throughout June, July, and August.

In addition to other training activities, the Summer Institutes will feature student and educator speakers discussing their experiences with AVID strategies in the classroom. Those who wish to speak at one of the 2016 sessions can enter AVID’s speaker contest, which is currently accepting submissions. Each contest winner will receive $500 in cash as well as complimentary registration or travel and lodging.


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