Five Tips – Important Aspects of Hotel Hospitality

Pinnacle Hotels USA pic

Pinnacle Hotels USA

As the president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, Dr. Bharat Lall directs the company in investing in underperforming hotels to increase their net operating income and correct underlying issues. Bharat Lall, MD, leads the company with an emphasis on quality service and customer satisfaction.

Successful management of any hotel requires an understanding of guest expectations. Hospitality experts suggest the following strategies to keep guests happy and increase hotel stature.

1. Good first impressions will help guests feel welcomed and comfortable walking into a hotel, but establishments that follow up with guests by keeping them informed of its amenities and offers can potentially gain lifelong customers. In addition, make sure to focus on reliable service and prompt attention to guest needs.

2. Guests want to feel comfortable and safe when they stay overnight at any hotel. Security measures should include established emergency plans that account for fire evacuations, emergency response, and management of violence, theft, and crime scenes. Also ensure that emergency kits remain well-stocked and equipment remains in working order.

3. Staying informed on what amenities guests want or need during their hotel stay–and making an effort to offer those amenities–can improve a hotel’s reputation and increase guest satisfaction. For instance, a 2014 survey concerning guest expectations of hotels demonstrated that, on average, guests would pay more for amenities such as internet connection and comfortable beds.

4. Developing partnerships with surrounding businesses can provide mutual benefits for both parties. Advertisements, coupons, and recommendations can lead to increased business exposure and positive customer experiences.

5. Accepting customer feedback helps customers feel like their opinions matter, and the more they feel heard, the more willing they become to stay at the same location again in the future. Use complaints as opportunities for improvement.


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