Strengths of a Marriott Investment

Bharat Lall, MD, owns and manages a number of Marriott hotels as president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels. Under Dr. Bharat Lall’s leadership, Pinnacle Hotels has become one of the few organizations nationwide to secure approval as a manager of Marriott properties.

As an established hotel brand, Marriott stands out as a high-potential choice for real estate investors. Its large portfolio of brands, currently the industry’s most diverse, offers both owners and franchisees a choice of service level and property type. Marriott includes luxury brands such as The Ritz-Carlton as well as lifestyle, destination, select service, and extended stay hotels in addition to its signature line of Marriott Hotels.

Marriott owners and franchisees enjoy corporate support in establishing and managing the individual property. Each investor works with an individual account manager from Marriott’s corporate headquarters who provides owners with multiple ways of contacting the company. This allows both new and established owners to offer guests Marriott’s high level of service and unique branding experiences. Meanwhile, owners receive support for their continuing success and for the intended long-term health of the hotel itself.


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