Identifying Hotel Customers

Bharat Lall, MD, serves as president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA. Headquartered in San Diego, Pinnacle Hotels oversees nine hotels, spanning 1,500 rooms, and 554 staff members. Across all locations, Dr. Bharat Lall and his staff seek to deliver unparalleled service to all clients.

Identifying customers enables hotel chains to orient their marketing to that type of customer, just as any other business must market to a demographic likely to buy its products. To determine a customer type, consider the means by which the customer would be most likely to learn about the hotel. Traveling businesspeople are liable to use travel agents or, more probably, websites to book accommodations. In such a scenario, hotels should update their website regularly and make sure travel agents are aware of their accommodations and services.

The best hotels match their services to the needs of their customer type. For instance, most hotels in Las Vegas maintain an in-house casino. Such services create another income channel for the hotel and foster customer loyalty. To engender even deeper loyalty, hotels may consider offering discounts as a means of encouraging repeat business.


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